A clear distinction of our firm is the high quality of professional service rendered
to our clients. The feel-good factor between the client and the legal advisor throughout the relationship is essential. This provides the relationship with a
clear sense of confidence on the one hand, and a firm foundation to treat and solve all legal problems on the other.
Our primary task is to meet the client's needs and to safeguard his/her interests. The lawyers in office are familiar with different legal and business environments. Therefore, we have an advantage over our competitors. We closely follow trends in the global economy and cooperate with related field specialists: tax consultants, auditors, accountants and notaries.
This synergy ensures the law office
that the client is provided with the best possible advice and solutions.
The office provides a broad range of legal representation, advisory services and experienced guidance to both local and foreign clients. The office’s multi-disciplinary approach is based on full service philosophy.
Legal services provided by the office
are governed by three main principles: personalization of the relationship with the client, search for an optimal solution and strict respect of confidentiality.
Law firm Završek L.L.C.
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1000 Ljubljana, SI

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